Current WIP. A little squishy brioche cowl. This stitch is so good. Once I move back to a place where it’s cold 8 months out of the year, everything I knit will be in brioche.


Spent some time yesterday planning future projects. It was such a nice way to enjoy m day off. I got four projects squared away. It feels so good know that once I finish a project, I can just pick up and start a new one right away.

This yarn from Madeline Tosh is so beautiful. Most of the time I just want to hold it and squish it. It is knitting up in brioche so wonderfully! I am obsessed, I don’t want to put it down because I like it so much.
I am going to attempt a turban/wrapped looking hat I saw floating around Pinterest. Wish me luck!

Zinone progress.
Ended up having to double back and knit more rows for the back and the front. I am making gauge in stitches, but not in rows. Which is ok for this piece, but I really wish I spent the time to knit a second swatch and figure out the right needle size.
Now I will just have to guess for the shaping on the way down. At least it is easy to try on, and I have a blocking schematic to go off of for size.

Time for a shameless plug. 

If you didn’t know already I have had an Etsy shop (on and off) for the past few years. I was mostly making hand knit fox ears and masks, but recently I branched out into sewing bags and purses. If any of those things interest you, I would love it if you could stop by the shop and give it a follow or a like. 

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Thank you ☺️❤️

Current Projects:

Zinone: A linen shirt. Pretty excited about this. I have never made anything summer friendly before. So it will be awesome to get to wear a hand knit item while living in Okinawa 🙂

Random Worsted Weight Yarn: On the flip side, I have some really squishy and lovely yarn (some of it is Madeline Tosh!) I think my plan is a winter hat and some mittens, sort of 1920’s inspired, because I have been watching a lot of Downton Abbey 😅

These skull socks are finished. It was a lot, and I mean A LOT of ends to weave in. But I couldn’t carry my strands loosely enough to wrap them all the way around the sock. And I had strict instructions that the socks only have a skull, the rest needed to be black. My husband better wear these someday…