A Little Change


If you have stumbled on this blog, let me catch you up.

I am a knitter.

I have a blog on Tumblr called Making Useless Things.

I have had it for many years, and thought now is the time to start branching out into another medium.

Tumblr is great, I will still be posting there.

Thats all for now.


Ended up frogging this project and setting it aside. It was supposed to be a hat to go along with the cowl I just finished. Sadly it just wasn’t coming out the way I had intended. So for now, or at least until my disappointment and annoyance subsides, I have hidden it away.
It is still so beautiful though… I will try hand warmers next, and maybe a headband?

I have been dabbling around with watercolors a lot recently. My mom taught me when I was 10-11, so I don’t remember all that much. My technical skill is at about zero. So I grabbed some books from the library and I am ready to teach myself a little more.
I will let you know if any of the books are helpful or interesting. I’m really excited for the weekend watercolors one.

My most recent cast on: Herbarium by Maliha Designs.
Really excited about this project. I am learning new ways to shape my knitting and I am getting to practice mosaic knitting. I am having fun with the colors, and am using four instead of the suggested two. That’s ok though, it is still going to be beautiful 💕

Cast off my second brioche cowl. I made on of these last year, but it was really tight and knit with some scratchy wool. This one is soft, cozy, and really fluffy. There was a good amount of leftover yarn, so I am hoping to make a matching hat and arm warmers.

I have finally knitted something that is incredibly comfortable to wear through a tropical summer. I am beyond excited to have this piece finished. I am really starting to enjoy this foray into written patterns. The luck I have had with finished pieces so far is outstanding.
The pattern is Zinone by Andi Satterlund, knit with Knit Picks Lindy Chain in Harbor.
Congrats to myself for being a huge dork while trying to take pictures. Also congrats to the writer of this pattern, because this is such a wearable and easy piece to knit. So thank you! I love it 🙂